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The Karcher HDS natural gas and LP-heated

cabinet pressure washer delivers up to 9.5gpm @ 3000psi.


The emission-free HDS-E with electric heater is ideal where exhaust gases are undesirable or prohibited. 1.6-3.3gpm @ 465-2520psi.


Makes the Difference

Kärcher invented the high-pressure washer – and continues to reinvent it again and again. In 1950 Kärcher developed the first European hot water high-pressure washer for professional cleaning. In 1984 Kärcher then launched the first portable pressure washer, the HD 555, for private households – a milestone in the history of cleaning.

As the inventor of high-pressure cleaning, Kärcher has unique specialist's knowledge, the breadth and depth of which is unrivaled on the market. We continuously talk to homeowners to conscientiously identify their cleaning needs, and those findings are incorporated directly into product development. This is how we ensure that each new development meets the needs of our customers.


Exceptionally powerful – 50% time saving

Kärcher's patented nozzle technology allows our pressure washers to reduce your clenaing time by up to 50%! Compared with the competition, Kärcher pressure washers are distinguished by greater cleaning performance and efficiency.

In short - lab tests prove Kärcher pressure washers deliver on our promise: Cleaner. Quicker.


The hand truck design features heavy-gauge 1 1/4''

steel frame with belt-drive. 3.5gpm @ 3000psi.

Karcher Series oil-fired skids delivers up to 8.0gpm of hot water and up to 3500psi,

gas and diesel-powered.


This high-performance electric, hot water machine offers 1.7gpm @ 1200 psi. 

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This misting system is specifically designed for use with Vital Oxide disinfectant. Reduce the risks of Acquired Infections by killing Virus, bacteria and mold faster, safer and quieter.

Call today! to inquire about what models we offer, and if you have any additional questions regarding price and availability.

Phone: 562-698-0999


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